Data Safety and

Monitoring Board

The DSMB will safeguard the interests of trial’s participants, potential participants, investigators and sponsor; assess the safety and efficacy of the trial’s interventions, and to monitor the trial’s overall conduct, and protect its validity and credibility. 

Dr. Jamie Hutchison (Chair)
Dr. Lawrence Richer

Dr. Robert Platt

Research Assistants

Trevor Seeger, PhD student (Barlow/Kirton)

Angela Villavincencio-Requis, MSc student

Aneesh Khetani, MSc student

Alireza Sojoudi, PhD student (Goodyear)

Erica Crowe, Research Assistant

Tina Samuel, Research Assistant

Meet the Play Game Trial Team

Post concussion syndrome in youth:

the GABA- effects of melatonin

Study Co-ordinator

Brenda Turley

Contact 403 955 3184

Play Game Trial

Principal Investigators

Dr. Karen M. Barlow, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Clinical Neurosciences

Dr. Deborah Dewey, Professor, Pediatrics, University of Calgary

Trial Steering Committee

The TSC should provide oversight of the progress of
the trial and ensure the trial is conducted in accordance with the principles of Good Clinical Practice.

• Dr Karen Barlow, Principal Investigator (Chair person)
• Dr Deb Dewey, Co-Principal Investigator
• Dr Brian Brooks, Neuropsychologist
• Dr Adam Kirton, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
• Dr Frank MacMaster, Neuroimaging
• Dr. Michael Esser, Neurologist
• Dr Val Kirk, Sleep Medicine
• Candice Cameron, Research Pharmacist
• Dr. Alberto Nettel-Aguirre,Statistician
• Susan Crawford, Biostatistics
• Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis, Emergency Medicine
• Dr Jeff Buchhalter, Neurologist, Trial advisor

• Dr. Roger Zemek, CHEO site lead
• Dr. Michael Hill, Independent advisor, Clinical Trials
• Dr. Carolyn Emery, Independent advisor