Post concussion syndrome in youth:

the GABA- effects of melatonin

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Curious about Concussions?

Our new community education sessions will be starting in April for children and families about concussion. Send us an email if you would like to attend or if you would like to help us make these sessions better.

Play Game Trial

Research Opportunities

​We take pride in offering research opportunities for students who excel in their studies.These include undergraduate and graduate positions although places are limited.

Who We Are


The Play Game Trial is part of the

Childhood Traumatic Brain Injury Research Program, Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute,

University of Calgary.

The trial is registered at clinical and the protocol has been published in medical journal “Trials"

The trial is funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The trial leads are Dr Karen M Barlow and

Dr. Deborah Dewey.

To learn how the trial is structured, safety monitoring committees and who the investigators are click here

About the Play Game Trial